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2020 Cupom de desconto
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  • Cupom de Desconto QuickBooks Desktop Pro 33,4% Desconto

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Pro - One-time payment$399.99--Compre Agora!
Pro Plus - Annual Subscription$199.79 $100.20-33,4%Ver Cupom
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  • I've used QB for ten years, it still my essential assistant program tool in my life. I know many users have many different pros or negative thoughts on this program, but I would recommend it here to everyone who is looking for the business resolution. It's very helpful in our daily life like a personal banking. It has rich and powerful features that are great but still required users spend much time on figuring them out. Its payroll features are really a gift for the users, for it greatly does helpfully in your tax time. In addition, QB's tech support is awesome, when got a question, you'll get a detailed and quick answer. RECOMMEND!

  • QuickBooks is a very useful tool with powerful features. I run a small business and it works perfectly for my business

  • I upgraded my QuickBooks to the newest version 2014 lately. I had been afraid of the steep learning curve, but it’s surprisingly handy, and I managed to handle immediately!

  • Just begin to learn this product. It's difficult to get start but seems it can do everything I need in my business, like a personal banking, but not at least. The many features I need to take more time to understand.

  • It keeps everything in a great and understandable order for me, so that I can check the inventory easily and restock products in time. I love its clearness.

  • I think QBP is not for everyone if you don't feel uncomfortable with a company that controls your digital business files, this program is for you. But if you feel uncomfortable, don't choose this product! For I've used this software for several years, and I know sometimes QB will cross a line of user's privacy. But in another side, this software is very helpful, a great performance.

  • I upgraded to the Win10, but find QuickBooks 2016 seems not compatible with win 10 well, and runs slower than in Win 7. Anyway, it works well, helped me much. One more cons is it's very difficult for the beginner. I took much time but still could not figure out all the features. I know the official offers many learning resources, but actually, the program is not friendly to the new user.