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GoodSync don't have much-complicated options and functions, but beneath its simple surface, it has extremely reliable and powerful two-way sync function, that is suitable for office workers who need to edit the file between office and home. So GoodSync can complete the data sync between two computers through a mobile storage medium, like USB flash drive, mobile disk drive.

In addition, GoodSync also supports sync with the FTP. If you have your own website space or server, you can upload your files to the server by this program in time. I personally think if you have a stable VPS, it’s a good choice to use GoodSync to remotely backup your local data, because FTP can also be used to share data files with your friends and families.
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  • The program is definitely good, but the price is relatively high for me as well. Luckily, I found the coupon here, it works and saved my money.


  • GoodSync works fast and efficiently. It benefits me a lot. It has been my daily-use software.


  • I have used GoodSync on and off for several years. My final conclusion is:

    GoodSync is garbage.

    Typically, my GoodSync experience goes like this:

    * I find that I have a sync task.

    * I install the latest version of GoodSync, hoping that it has improved since my last attempt.

    * I encounter a bunch of intermittent errors.

    * I submit tickets through GoodSync's help system, and I receive prompt-but-generic-and-totally-unhelpful feedback.

    * I delete GoodSync and resort to another solution.

    Why do I keep going back to it? Because I paid for it, and I cling to the hope that they will eventually fix their software to the point where it's *minimally* effective. No dice. It remains as much garbage as it was when I purchased it.

    Just some of the errors I've encountered:

    * Locks up while attempting to sync to a folder. Just becomes totally unresponsive. The process needs to be killed, and often the machine rebooted, to recover from the lockup.

    * "Undefined Error: 0." Constantly. This is GoodSync's version of "An error occurred." Could be a million reasons. Don't bother emailing GoodSync customer support - they don't know and won't help you.

    * Sync jobs just fail, spontaneously, mid-sync. The sync is running perfectly, the volumes are both still available... aaaaaaaand it abruptly stops.

    * The network browser is overdesigned and overcomplicated. All you want do is to specify a URL, a username, and a password. Sometimes it accepts the settings. Sometimes it doesn't, it just uses the old settings, and then barfs out random error messages.

    I give up. They are never going to upgrade this software to minimal usability or competence. I have scoured all of my computer systems of this bloated trashware and deleted my registration information.

    Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't waste your time, and don't give this developer money. You will regret every dime and every moment you spend on this garbage software.

  • Leonardo

    I have used it for about 3 years and never had these issues you've had. The support almost always was very quick.

  • Resposta

  • It is easy to use with intuitive interface. Does exactly everything as it advertises. But it updates a little too frequently.


  • As a user with a little experience, I can operate and configure GoodSync easily. It allows to create sync profile for each file collection, WOW me, totally.


  • GoodSync is not easy to learn, it took me some time to know about its features. But once I mastered it, it's powerful and of great use


  • Great software, fair support. Everytime I contact the CS for help, it takes days even weeks to get problems solved. Last time I needed to migrate the software to my new computer, so I contacted them to reactivate it for me, but it seemed they could even not know what I meant or how to reactivate, and I didn't get the software reactivated in the end.


  • Reliable product. I've never met a tiny trouble since I started to use it 8 years ago. It's easy but functional, even works in conjunction with SwiFTP for my android devices. There is a feature I need but it lacks: sort by file size, with which I can pass large files easily. Hope the developers can add it!


  • Performs great on my PC. Good product.


  • Really useful program. It can sync files in real time and helped me copy MP3 from PDF file easily.


  • We have used GoodSync on our servers for a few years. It nicely works, no trouble at all. At the beginning, it took our IT admin some time to set up. With the detailed tutorials, it’s not that difficult to get started though.


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