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  • I had to upgrade to Version 12 unwillingly for I have changed to a Win7 laptop. My Version 9 could not work with Win7 system. The new version can read event files created in my Version 9 with no problem. That’s really nice. So far it works with no problems.
    I just want to know why the event list window scrolls but the calendar window doesn’t. Besides, it is always slow to access picture files in the old versions, I haven’t tried it yet on Version 12, hope it has been improved.
    Anyway, I am satisfied with Version 12. I have been using this program for a long time and will keep using it in the future.

  • Valid coupon code. Sale price is $23.99, much cheaper than the reg price. Feel so lucky to get the deal. Great thanks!!!

  • I got used to the old version of the product. But after using new version for a period of time, I could also work well with it. I have confidence that I could work with the new version to do anything I once did on the old version.

  • This product just has done what it promised. There are lots of easy-to-customize standard styles with so many graphics in the program. And those graphics are perfectly designed. There are a lot of pre-designed holiday options like religious holidays, national holidays etc. The only disappointing thing is that I am not able to directly add clip art to a calendar. I have to first copy from the clip art menu in a Microsoft document and then paste it into a calendar. That’s a bit troublesome.

  • I am satisfied with the calendar creator deluxe. I could make the photos of my family members as the months. It is very handy and great to use. I have been using the program for a couple of years without any problems

  • This program is fine, but not perfect. I like the previous version more. It is more flexible and allows me to view those activities of one program clearly and do not have to change the calendar from time to time. I prefer to keep that feature than to have the new address book feature in the new version.

  • The calendar creator is really cheap with the discount they provide. Thanks for sharing such wonderful software as well as the great price. Worth buying!

  • I have used this product for a long time, say 22 years. I love it so much. Sometimes there is some adjustment with the product. I am glad with that but no very big use.

  • Almost everything works well as I expected. It is very simple to operate and has done a great job. I would like to suggest everyone to have a try.

  • I am interested in creating my own calendars. I use the photos of my family to create clendars. Unfortunately, my computer broke down and all my calendars were gone. After purchased a new computer, I came to find my favorite Calendar Creator Deluxe software. Since I started to use Calendar Creator Deluxe, I have never turned to another one.