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2020 Cupom de desconto
  • Aurora Blu-ray Media Player Código de cupão de desconto
  • Aurora Blu-ray Media Player Screenshot
  • Aurora Blu-ray Media Player Capturas de tela
  • Aurora Blu-ray Media Player Capturas de tela
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Aurora (3 Cupons)
English, Deutsch, Français, 日本語
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Cupom atualizado 15.01.2019 De John
Software de Reprodução de Blu-ray
BD LIVEDTS-HDDolby TrueHDTime stretchingBlu-ray 3DBDXLRetomar reprodução
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  • Aurora Blu-ray Player can be used to play Blu-ray discs. Before it, I used PowerDVD. Aurora Blu-ray Player is good, but it has no original Blu-ray menu, only simple ones. However, considering about long-time application, Aurora Blu-ray Player doesn’t cost much and works well. If the full menus can be improved in the future version, I believe it will be perfect.

  • Before using Aurora Blu-ray Player, I used many other players trying to play my blu-rays, including Media Player Classic, VLC and PowerDVD, but they don’t work, which is really a waste of time.
    Then I tried the trial version of Aurora Blu-ray Player and it is really useful. It is easy to operate and everything goes well. However, the trail version comes with a large watermark on the screen, which is annoying, so I paid for full version. I spend only a few minutes registering. It really works well with no watermark and I’m happy about it.
    The only problem is, at the beginning of every blu-ray, there will be a German audio track, not the English one and I can’t solve the problem. I hope the support team can help me solve this problem soon.

  • This is a good player that can play disc smoothly and fast. What you need to do is just open the App and insert your disc. I play movies with it, and find it really useful. But it can’t be used to play 3D movie. That’s a pity.

  • works great when playing my recorded movies. I love the deniterlace function, very useful.

  • Aurora Blu-ray Player is a good program. This is exactly the HD player I’m always looking for.

  • play Blue-ray disc movies. But now there is no original BD menu. It is cheaper than PowerDVD and Total Media Theatre.

  • Aurora Blu-ray Player really satisfies me with its wonderful functions. I tested it with 4 Blu-Rays, and all work fine.
    Blue-Rays need to be played with special program, but my husband doesn’t want to buy a new TV, this program just helps me solve this problem. Now I can play Blue-Rays on the computer. The picture effect is very good.

  • I like to record movies and Aurora is a wonderful tool to play them, especially the deniterlace function of it helps a lot. But it can’t be used to open BDMV folder directly. When I use it to watch HD movies, it runs well and quickly. What’ more, it can playback Blu-ray, which makes it really worth buying.

  • Aurora Blu-ray Player is a good player to play Blu-ray disc movies, but there is no original BD menu. Compared with PowerDVD and Total Media Theatre, the price of Aurora Blu-ray Player is really low.

  • Aurora Blu-ray Player is really a useful player. I can use it to play DVD-BluRay Discs of Game of Thrones, which is my favorite serial. Even the latest VLC-Player could not play these discs, but Aurora does, and it does smoothly.
    Aurora Blu-ray Player can exactly do what it said in its advertisement and it is simple to operate.

  • Aurora Blu-ray Player is not limited by Blu-ray region code. Even the discs I got from my foreign friends can be easily played. I can also use it to play DVD and HD movies.

  • I have been searching a video player for a long time, Aurora Blu-ray Player is exactly the one I want. It is very functional and I can play Blu-ray discs on my PC, this makes me feel very happy. Aurora Blu-ray Player provides me with good image and sound quality and it works great with all video files I import. I really like it and I think it worth buying.

  • I downloaded the trial version and tried to play an ISO file with it. It really works well, not a single trouble occurred. The installation is intuitive. The support team is very patient to answer my questions. On this aspect, other publishers can’t do so well.